About Acnodal, Inc.

Acnodal eliminates  cross discipline complexity in creating Applications using backends on Kubernetes infrastructure.   Acnodal’s EPIC Service simplifies the creation of  secure, multi-cloud, highly functional API Gateways connecting to application backends.

API Gateways are the most important connectivity component in modern frontend/backend applications. Modern applications separate the frontend using device apps or Single Page Applications, loading the “display space” once and updating content from backends via API Gateways.

Kubernetes is the best and most popular infrastructure for API backends. Developers build microservice application components and Kubernetes enables simple deployment, scale and monitoring as application usage grows. EPIC API gateways combine backend components into scalable groups of microservice containers across multiple clusters and Cloud Providers

The Access Pattern has always been used to present applications to customers, this pattern differs from the usage pattern of application developers. The Access pattern focuses on delivering the application end user reliable, secure and performant access, while protecting the applications owners infrastructure, data and intellectual property. Key to the Access pattern is security and physical isolation is fundamental. Acnodal's EPIC platform is designed exactly for the purpose of enabling the Access pattern.

Acnodal, Inc. is a private company founded in 2020 by experts in large scale application and infrastructure development and deployment.

Whats in a name? An Acnode is an isolated point in the solution of a polynomial equation in two real variables. Isolation is a key element in Access security patterns. Ancodal is also an anagram of the first names of two of the founders.